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Praise for De Mattei
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Mark De Mattei on his passion for construction


  1. William B.
    Creative, collaborative, thoughtful and professional are terms that easily come to mind when thinking about the people of De Mattei Construction. For nearly 30 years, the fine reputation of Mark De Mattei and his team is what led us to initially engage their services for a major home remodel. Their stellar performance on our first job led us to re-engage them a second time for a new construction project. In both cases, we needed a firm that we had confidence in…as the decisions we were making were significant for our family. The team at De Mattei provided us a 'peace of mind' in an open, honest and engaging format. We continue to highly recommend Mark and his company.
  2. Michael M.
    Mark, we are really happy with the project, and are big fans of the team. That was a good call by you to give us our PM – he’s a really good person to begin with and a conscientious PM. We do have a list of items to complete, and we really did more than we originally planned. However, we have a more complete and cohesive house that we can grow into, versus out of. This was a complicated project and we certainly felt that DMC was a partner, not just a builder.
  3. Max P.
    Mark, we are very happy with the way your team has served us and you should use us as a testimonial to your company. The whole group has been amazing, but the consistency of care and attention to detail from our team (NOTHING gets past them) has been phenomenal. Greg and I feel they really put their hearts and souls into it and took full ownership for the project, going above and beyond call of duty.
  1. Mark F.
    Our project has been underway nearly three months and I keep meaning to drop you a line on how things are going. Starting with Estimating, we have been very impressed with your organization. The work they did to prepare the bid and get us prepped for what to expect has worked out very well. Our PM has been doing an excellent job of managing the effort after he was assigned to the project. He has been a pleasure to work with as he has selected vendors to execute the project and he has done a great job in driving the effort thus far. Thanks to his efforts we have been able to add several upgrades while keeping the project under budget and ahead of schedule. He has been easy to work with and I have learned a lot about the process of constructing half a house from the ground up. He has been dealing with any obstacle that comes up and we are quite happy with the results to-date, especially considering the progress from our start date. Our Admin has provided whatever support has been needed and keeps the effort running behind the scenes. Once again you have some very happy customers and we are sold on your teams efforts. I have heard a lot of horror stories from some folks on remodeling and thanks to your team the effort so far has been top notch. Please pass on an attaboy to your team they are doing a great job of representing you and your company.
  2. Michele & DJ N.
    We had no idea what to expect at the beginning of the project and are absolutely thrilled with the final product. Your Designer took our initial feedback and designed a new house for our family with everything that we wanted: more functional space and updated features while maintaining the old charm of our Willow Glen “Dutch Colonial”. This was the first house that my husband and I purchased just after we were married, the house that we stated our family in. It is very special to us and we are just so pleased with the final product. The De Mattei touches that we had grown to recognize and admire from a distance for many years are now features that we hold out as our own and display with pride. We have been treated with respect and professionalism from the start. From your staff's always warm voice on the phone to the design meetings, which often times included our kids and their input, we have enjoyed the process (and often times more of an adventure). The girls in particular loved their role in the groundbreaking ceremony – their first and hopefully last time making art with Sharpies! They still wear their De Mattei hard hats from time to time. Thank you for making our ‘cute little blue house’ in Willow Glen a home that we can enjoy for years to come.
  3. Tom & Beth F.
    To everyone at De Mattei Construction: Just a note to tell you how grateful we are to all of you for our remodeling job which was excellently done. We love our beautiful kitchen, dining room, and laundry room and have been thoroughly enjoying all of it. A very special note of thanks and praise our Project Manager who always remained on top of everything and was so easy to work with. He kept a positive attitude always and was very knowledgeable regarding everything regarding the job. He never failed to patiently answer our questions. We also wish to extend our appreciation to our carpenters. They did excellent work, made sure everything was done to perfection, were very pleasant to be around and very willing to explain and answer any questions we had. We are also very grateful to De Mattei for a fantastic job of designing and to our Project Admin. She did a great job as assistant project manager. And, of course, we want to thank everyone so very much for the gorgeous arrangement of flowers, they look beautifully in our new “great room”. We would highly recommend De Mattei Construction to anyone thinking of remodeling or new construction.
  1. Leewen L.
    Thanks to everyone on the De Mattei team who worked on our project. The home is beautiful and really shows the care and attention put into it. We appreciate your hard work, professionalism and patience throughout, especially in these last few weeks pushing so hard to get everything finished up before the holidays. Please pass along our thanks and appreciation to the subs also.
  2. Shireen S.
    As I begin to prepare for my third son's graduation from HS and my first son's graduation from college...I glance down at the floor and I immediately start thinking of the fact that this hardwood floor has been refinished/partially replaced two times in less than a year. This, of course, has me thanking God for your team. And so I am writing to you so that you know first-hand how amazing everyone was these past months. As I am sure you know, in December my second son flooded the upstairs bathroom, resulting in $30K+ of repairs to the upstairs bathroom, hall, bedroom and the garage. Then a month later I flooded the kitchen, kitchen nook and family room. When I walked in and saw the water, it was surreal. As reality sunk it, my first thought was "I need to call De Mattei". I left a phone message then a text and within 2 minutes my PM called me. It was 4:30pm, close to the end of the work day. In 15 minutes he was standing next to me (telling me it was much worse then what I described on the phone) and in 30 minutes the professional water removal people (who had just been to the house last month) were there with fans and de-humidifiers. I knew this was above and beyond...but I was so thankful. His swift actions literally saved us thousands of dollars. He treated it as if it were his own home and budget...and as if it was some large million dollar project. He scheduled all the work out to fit our graduation deadline and ensured that his subs were on task/on time/up to his standards. As usual, he delivered nothing but excellence. He kept me informed every week and followed up on every detail. And he was always cost conscience. I am happy to say that we finished two weeks early which is pretty rare in your business, as I am sure you know. It suffices to say that I am now spoiled can't imagine doing any house project without him. :-) It has been a pleasure to work with our PM and I look forward to working with him the future :-) I know he is an asset to De Mattei and will achieve much success there, as he already has and continues to do so. Of course, always feel free to call me if you want to hear more wonderful things about De Mattei. :-)
  3. Phil & JoAnn I.
    As my daughter Marina’s project winds down I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy we are with the customer service we have received from our project manager Alex Bianchi and his team. The best compliment I can give to Alex is that he reminds me a lot of you, Mark. He is ALWAYS on top of things, has a great eye for detail, makes excellent recommendations and has worked with the subs on our project to always get us a fair deal. In short, he has been an exceptional project manager and we are thrilled with the results. I’d also like to commend Liz Hollyman for being on top of the paperwork including pulling our permits from the City of San Jose and providing us with ongoing meeting notes and minutes. Last, but certainly not least, our construction foremen Pete and Auggie for their extraordinary work at Marina’s home. Both of these gentlemen took care of the property like it was their own and each provided a pair of very critical eyes on all things related to the job. We couldn’t be happier with the results! Thanks again for another great project.